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The Blissful Cat Aromatherapy

cats and aromatherapy 

The Blissful Cat Aromatherapy - FAQs VS Fiction

Is your cat anxious, high strung? The quintessential scaredy cat? Relax Cat Aromatherapy can help take the edge off your cat's stress and anxiety using all natural essential oils. But first, let's address the elephant in the room. 

Info You Can Trust

When we first started working with essential oils about 15 years ago, while not considered exorcism-worthy, aromatherapy still had a little woo-woo vibe. Information was on using essentials and animals was spotty at best and there were a very few trusted books on aromatherapy and animals. Now the internet is flooded with "books" and info of various levels of credibility. 

The hard part is in knowing what info to trust and what should be discarded when it comes to safe essential oils and aromatherapy for animals, especially cats. Most, ok some (I used to say many, I have lowered that to some), people are relatively well-intentioned and share information they believe to be accurate. But like that old game of telephone or gossip where the original message gets completely twisted after being retold a few times, finding good info online can be tough. Here is more info on cats and essential oils.

What We Know To Be True - Cats and Aromatherapy

  1. Use only quality essential oils, never fragrance oils
  2. Dilute, dilute, dilute - never use straight oils. Period. 
  3. Find resources you can trust