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About Us

blissful cat team

The Blissful Cat Team

The Blissful Cat Team is a hard-working, cat-loving, dog-loving, horse/pony/donkey loving, Netflix binging crew. We love making each product individually and filling it with love, to share with your cats.

Kathy Dannel Vitcak | CEO | Founder | Owner

As a transplanted Southerner, I love the Up North life. My favorite winter pastime is texting my sisters in Mississippi the current temperatures. If you really want to know ALL about how our business got started...check it out here. 

Nick Kelzer | Chief Financial Officer

Nick brought BS Degree in Business and Accounting and is know as one heckuva tough budget guy. Nick is Ashley's husband and I'm am humbled by how well they work together. 

Ashley Hoffman Kelzer | Chief Operating Officer | Co-Founder The Blissful Horses

Ashley studied Agricultural Business at the University of Minnesota in Crookston, MN. As you can see, she and Nick have continued their business building and now we have Bryson to keep us on our toes! Bryson comes to work with his parents everyday and it has been fascinating to watch him grow. I can't wait for him to get big enough to help out! For about a month his favorite toy was an empty tin...of course it was!

Amanda Hoffman | Shipping Manager

Amanda was our first real, on-the-payroll employee. She brings her expertise as a groomer to us. She is also fondly known as Goat Girl. She started Bring Your Goat To Work Day. We hope to make it a National Holiday soon.

Teri Hoffman | Co-Office Manager | Product Specialist  | Community Liaison

Yep, Teri is Ashley and Amanda's mom and to her delight, Bryson's grandmother. She keeps us all in line and on time. Teri has that ever-so-valuable gift of cutting to the nuts and bolts of the matter and infusing her special brand of common sense into our work. Teri has a degree in accounting and has my deepest respect. The whole concept of accounting evades me totally.  

Tami Weber | Production Assistant

Tami helps us with everything we need help with. She pops in a couple of times a week and picks up the slack and helps keep things going smoothly. She also shares her own unique Tami Tales. Tami shares her home with her growing herd of dogs and cats. 

Darci Hagen | Production Assistant 

Darci joined us in 2021 and she has been a delight. She is from this area, so with one phone call she can get things done! She has a background in restaurant management and we love her work ethic!

Larkan aka The Tiny Tyrant

Larkan, the red smooth Brussels Griffon clutched in my arms above, is my newest love. He is an absolute delight (most of the time) and there is nothing more fun than watching him terrorize his sisters the Floofers. His ½ sister, Cinnabar, is the Yang to his Ying. Where Larkan is ALL spice and sass, Cinnabar is an angel, who just ants to snuggle!

Ska∂i & Tili aka The Floofers

Our guardians and hair growing marvels are our ¾ Leonberger and ¼ Great Pyrenees  girls. After our adored Zoe passed the hole in my heart could not be denied. I went to look at the litter with the intentions of getting one puppy and somehow ended up with two. We are having a blast with the girls and are still amazed at how FLOOFY they are! 

The Grazing Critters

Our pet Yak, Kundun, and his bestie, Clyde the sheep, keep us entertained with their shenanigans. Plus, Nyker and Bliss, our two mini-horses and Duch-ass and Prince-ass, the donkeys are a hoot to watch play. We are also honored to be the retirement home for three horses, or as I call them "The Talls."