The Blissful Cat

Welcome to The Blissful Cat

The Blissful Cat is our newest division of The Blissful Dog® Inc. Over the years so many cat-crazed customers have asked us to make cat-specific products. So, here you go! The Blissful Cat for your cat from head to tail!

The Blissful Cat is based in far, far northern Minnesota. And yes, as a transplanted Southerner, I can tell you it gets science fiction, nose freezes shut, “OMG, why do humans live here cold” in the winter. Our property is a 40-acre farm nestled alone on a dirt road with lovely rolling hills. Remote? Yep, but we love it! We are grateful for Amazon Prime and fast rural internet. (The image above is of a Sun Dog taken from our office doorway the morning after the recent lunar eclipse.)



Meet the people who create your cat's blissful goodies
Kathy Dannel Vitcak

Kathy Dannel Vitcak

CEO & Founder
Ashley Hoffman

Ashley Hoffman

Chief Operating Officer
Teri Hoffman

Teri Hoffman

Production Manager

For Your Cat


Every single tin, tube and bottle of The Blissful Cat products is sent with the best of healthy, happy intentions for your cat's well-being.

Each product is created for your cat who is loved and adored. We honor that bond between you and your cat and thank you for making the effort to find us.