The Blissful FAQs Here is all the scoop on ordering, shipping in the USA, shipping internationally, snafus and what to do.

Shipping Info

Do you offer free shipping?

Postage charged is by weight & cart total at the current USPS or UPS rate FREE SHIPPING (in USA only) for orders over $50 On orders from $24.95-49.95 FREE Priority Upgrade (in USA only) International shipping is charged by weight, cart total and destination country

How is my order sent?

Your order is packed in a bubble envelope or box and sent First Class USPS, Priority Mail, UPS or Fedex (your choice)

For larger weight orders (shampoo gallons, etc.) we ship best rate via UPS or USPS

Your order is shipped FAST with 24-48 hours of receipt

Once your order is out of our hands it is LITERALLY out of our hands. We have zero control over what the Post Office does after they take it from us..

Where is my tracking info?

Your tracking info is sent via email when it is scanned at pickup

Check email and spam folder if you do not receive tracking within 48 hours of purchase (excluding holidays, weekends)

Save the email with tracking info until order arrives, it has a lot of "What To Do If" Info

International customers – Tracking Information stops in Chicago, IL

What should I do if my order hasn't been delivered yet?

Track it, if you cannot find your tracking info contact us and we will track it and resend you info (check your spam folder first!)

Your tracking email with all the info is sent via email when the package is scanned at pickup. Tracking is only as good as the individual mail centers and mail carriers are at scanning

Give your package 2-3 days after the last tracking update to arrive.

Keep in mind that the moment USPS accepts your package we have done our part. It is then up to the USPS to do their part

Do you ship internationally?

Rates are the exact rates charged by the USPS. The cart configures the rate based on the weight of the items purchased and the country of the final destination. We know it is expensive, but we have ZERO control over what the USPS charges for international shipping. We wish we did.

Do international customers have to pay tariffs?

We follow the letter of the law on all Customs Declarations. Your order is stamped DOG GROOMING and FYI, the Harmonization Code is 3305900000.

The buyer/recipient is responsible for all fees imposed, including import taxes, customs duties, and fees levied by the buyer's country.

Additional charges for customs clearance are your responsibility. We have no control over these charges, of course. If you are concerned about possible charges please check with your Customs office and/or Postal Service.

The Blissful Dog is not responsible for any tariffs or taxes imposed by your country.

Tracking says order was delivered, but it's not here!

If the tracking info says package was delivered and you don’t have it, don’t despair, we have options

Sometimes postal carriers scan or mark packages as delivered, but you may not actually get it for another day or so. Annoying, I agree.

TIP! THIS WORKS! Print out the tracking info saying your package was delivered and leave it in mailbox with a note. In the note tell your carrier you did not receive the package and ask what you should do next (this works way more often than you might think). Yes, ask them to be your postal hero!

Check with anyone else in your household who may have picked up the package and forgot to tell you (it happens, I have found MY important mail under the husband’s truck seat)

Check with neighbors, especially if packages have been mis-delivered before

If no luck with any of these steps THEN contact us


My address is wrong! What Do I do?

Please be sure you have provided us with the CORRECT MAILING ADDRESS

If we have to reship due to your giving us an incorrect address you will be charged for the postage/shipping costs.

We never type your address manually. It is automatically sent to our shipping system from our website, eBay or Etsy, where you typed it in. We have no opportunity to "change it" or "type it wrong."

We ship FAST, check the FIRST email that acknowledges the order was received. Contact us then to get it changed. If you realize you gave us an incorrect mailing address when you get your tracking info it is too late.

How long does it take for package to arrive?

Once the package leaves here we have NO control over how the Postal Service handles it, oh I wish! We work hard to ship fast, but once the USPS has it we are helpless.

The Post Office does not give us any more info than they give you (no secret seller tracking magic website)

As a rule of thumb, First Class mail takes 5-7 days within the USA and Priority Mail takes 2-3 days

What if I need to change or cancel my order?

If your order has not shipped we will gladly cancel or change the order as desired


My stuff is melted? Is it ruined?

HOT WEATHER: If over 90 F, pop entire package into refrigerator for 10-15 minutes. Melting and re-solidifying does not harm product at all. As needed, we include a free freezer pack with Priority Mail orders.

Even if the product melted, it will solidify quickly with no harm done to the efficacy of your butters. On VERY rare occasions shea butter will form fat bubbles when it solidifies that may feel “grainy.” The fat bubbles melt upon application and do not hurt the product's mojo.

It's cold here. Will your products ship well?

COLD WEATHER: Allow product to come to room temperature before using.

Pop in pocket, but no microwaving! We are in far northern Minnesota, so it may come in a hockey puck consistency.

Your website is do I order?

If you are having problems ordering online call us 9-7 CST Monday thru Saturday or email us here.

If the website is completely down, I will be weeping, so don't be worried by the sobs you will hear...

My order is wrong! What now?

All mistakes are blamed on the husband. Period. Contact Kathy and we will figure it out (even if it IS Steve’s fault)

Seriously, we will make it right, please contact us via email or call 1.855.DOG.BLISS

Do you send samples? Or coupons?

Unfortunately we are unable to ship samples due to the volume of requests that we receive.

We don't really do coupons...that way no one is annoyed by finding a coupon a week after they made a purchase. We DO occasionally include Gift With Purchase codes in the newsletters (subtle bribe).

& The Rest

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes! We offer wholesale to bona fide businesses and rescue groups. Contact us for all the scoop.

Do you have a newsletter?

We sure do! Sign-up in the footer below

How do we contact The Blissful Cat?

Call us at 855.364.2547 or text us at 218.368.5450

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