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Our Mission

maine coon cat and australian shepherd

Our Promise to Your Blissful Cat

The Blissful Cat is committed to sharing with you the finest of all natural and organic products made with love…with a bit of whimsy thrown in!

Our Mission: To provide your cat with products handcrafted using the highest quality natural and organic good stuff. Each and every item is infused with love and the intention to support and heal your cat on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

The Blissful Cat Embraces These Guiding Principles

  • To remember each product is created for somebody's cat who is loved and adored
  • To infuse every single item with the highest intentions for health and well-being for the cat who receives it
  • To treat our customers like we want to be treated (good old Golden Rule)
  • To be respectful in all aspects of how we do business (to our customers, each other, the environment, our suppliers, our families)
  • To give back to the cat community through rescue support and donations
  • To thank each customer for each and each every order that is received
  • To have fun while making, sharing and promoting our products