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How The Blissful Cat Began

maine coon kittens and pug

How The Blissful Dog Found Its Blissful Cat

The Blissful Cat is a relatively new division of The Blissful Dog. We have a large distributor in South Korea and they asked us about a cat line a couple of years ago. We jumped in and started researching the world of cat products. While cats do not require as many skin care products as dogs do, due to less variety amongst their coats, there is still a wide range of needs of cat apothecary items. 

As a child I was cat-crazed. We lived out in the country in very rural Mississippi. Somehow I managed to attract a herd of cats. My mom was VERY tolerant of my obsession. VERY, VERY. I picked up pecans to earn money for their needs and learned early on about responsibility toward animals we take under our care. 

The Blissful Dog® Inc. began in 2001 as a side gig. More on that below.