The Blissful Cat | Simply Everything Fresh Deodorizing Spray

$11.95 USD

cat deodorizing spray

How Many Cats DO You Have?

Imagine Your Home, Car, Clothes, or Pets Smelling Fresh All the Time

You hear a car in the driveway and see your spouse pulling into the driveway with his new BOSS! You are in shock for a moment as the reality washed over you. You contemplate packing a bag, grabbing your passport, and leaving the country.

You really want to meet the new boss…but the new kitten, the other two cats, and the old incontinent cat have your house smelling like a litter box and a diaper pail had a love child. What a nightmare! Breathe! We've got you covered! 

One quick spray of Simply Everything Fresh and your home simply smells fresh…from the front door to the back door and even the laundry room with the litter box! The new Boss will never ask that most dreaded of questions, "Just how many cats DO you have?"

litter box