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Fresh Face Wash | The Blissful Cat

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cat face is smelly

Fresh Face Wash Shampoo Saves Time & Stress

No More Funky Faces With Fresh Face Wash

Have you ever picked up your cat for a sweet cuddle and wondered what that nasty smell was? Did you check your shoes, the trash can, and even look under the sofa? It was the mustiest, funkiest smell since your little brother said smell this and stuck a rotten egg under your nose. After a frantic search, you sit back down and your cat jumps up beside you and it hits you, literally and figuratively, it is your cat!  You realize your cat's face, which is adorable, is hiding stinky, funky smells. Ugh, what to do?

Fresh Face Wash For Your Cat

Flat-faced cats, cats with bigger eyes can develop a pasty, crud in their folds. If left uncleaned it can irritate their skin and lead to smelly, ugly infections. Tears can also become trapped in hair, wrinkles or facial folds can cause an unpleasant odor. 

Easy, Easy, Easy to Use

  • Saturate a washcloth or paper towel with Fresh Face Wash
  • Wipe face clean, giving special attention to facial folds and crusty areas
  • Avoid eyes, while product won't harm eyes, it may sting. Drop mineral oil in eyes if desired.
  • Gently towel/blot completely dry
  • Apply Boo Boo Butter to soothe and protect the tender area
  • Use as often as needed to keep your cat kissably clean 

Fresh Face Wash Product Info 

  • Quickly cleans flat cat faces (does not bleach away tear stains)
  • Clean faces are the 1st step in conquering tear stains (if that is an issue)
  • Non-drying formulation
  • Alcohol and Irritation free
  • Lightly scented with hint of Soft Mimosa
  • Safe for use on dogs and cats over six weeks of age