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The Blissful Cat Skin Care Collection

sensitive cat skin shampoo

Does Your Cat Have Sensitive Skin? Itchy?

If your cat has sensitive, itchy, or problem skin they may need an especially gentle skincare regime. The first course of action is to stop the itching so the healing can begin. Our Bye Bye Boo Boo Shampoo and Spray work hand-in-hand to do just that.

Gentle Touch Shampoo and Soap are specially formulated for all stages of your cat's life; from kitten to adult and senior. Did you know senior cats, just like people, can have thinner skin as they age? This thinner skin becomes dry, irritated, or scratched more easily. 

Add Boo Boo Butter for any irritated areas and Paw Butter to keep those sweet pads soft, soft, soft. Using the correct skincare products can help you ensure your cat is more comfortable throughout their life.