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Stinky, Smelly Cat Shampoo | Blissful Cat

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stinky smelly cat

Stinky Smelly Cat Shampoo for Your Absolutely Filthy Stinky Smelly Cat

Can you smell your cat before they walk into the room? Does your cat cause guests to gasp and clutch their imaginary pearls? Stinky Smelly Cat Shampoo is your answer. This funk-busting shampoo has Ordenone, a patented odor-neutralizing compound, to eliminate smells, not just cover them with another smell.

Filthy, Smelly Dirty Cats!

Even the most blissful of cats can get dirty, stinky, omg-what-is-that-smell filthy. Stinky Smelly Cat Shampoo was created just for the filthiest of dirty cats. Yeah, most cats are fastidious about keeping clean...not your dirty, smelly cat! Your cat rolls in the most heinous, stinky stuff. Your cat got skunked twice on vacation and seemed to revel in it

Stinky Smelly Cat Shampoo

  • Professional strength
  • Deodorize, deep clean, and shine
  • Patented odor-neutralizing ingredients cuts "smelly cat" odor
  • Adds texture with fabulous sudsing, while still ezpz to rinse
  • Detergent free
  • Subtle scent of lime, honeysuckle and jasmine
  • Ready to use
  • Dilute up to 10:1
  • Available in 4, 8, 16 oz bottles and gallons

How To Get Rid of That Funky Feline Odor

Bathing your smelly cat is probably not your idea of bliss. It is actually ranked in the top ten most dreaded cat chores right after cleaning a litter box your spouse was supposed to be cleaning while you had an extended trip and cleaning up the gopher your cat caught, ate, and threw up. But what can you do?

Stinky Smelly Cat Shampoo Ingredients

  • Water
  • Coconut Derived Cleansers (Ammonium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Coco Betaine)
  • Wheat and Silk Proteins
  • Panthenol
  • Aloe
  • Coffee Oil
  • Vitamins (A, D, E)
  • Patented Odor Neutralizing Compound (Ordenone)
  • Amodimethicone, Caramel (Colorant)
  • Fragrance (Botanical Essence of Lime, Honeysuckle and Jasmine)
  • Citric Acid with Silver Citrate