Cat Shows at the Purebred Level

cat shows

Cat Shows...In It To Win It

Showing your cat in the Household Pet category is one way to get started showing cats. If you already have the cat show bug or have come from dog, horse or any other type of showing, here are the different classes you can enter your purebred cat in.

Cats compete at Cat Fanciers Association shows in one of seven categories.

Kitten competition is for unaltered or altered, pedigreed kittens between the ages of four and eight months.

Championship competition is for unaltered pedigreed cats over the age of eight months.

Premiership competition is for altered pedigreed cats over the age of eight months.

Veteran competition is for unaltered or altered, pedigreed cats over the age of seven years. Veterans are only eligible for awards in the Veteran class.

Household Pet competition is for non-pedigreed cats over the age of four months. Household pets may NOT be declawed, and if they over the age of eight(8) months, they must be neutered or spayed.

Miscellaneous competition is for those breeds just starting the process for recognition with CFA. This class puts the breed on exhibition at the shows, and allows judges to examine the cats and discuss their proposed breed standard. This class receives no awards.

Provisional competition is the next step after Miscellaneous for breeds wanting recognition with CFA. Cats in this class compete for Best of Breed, but are not eligible for finals until they are advanced to Championship status.

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