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Cat Shows - The Scoop

Cat shows? Yes, there are shows for purebred cats and no, they do not trot around the ring like dogs do at the Westminster Kennel Club shows. Cat shows are respectful of the different temperaments of each breed of cat and to the personalities that we know as domestic cats.

There are a plethora of ways to involve your cat in shows. From showing your purebred Persian to sharing your house cat with the cat show fancy to cat agility...yes, cat agility! 

There are hundreds of cat shows in the USA and thousands worldwide. You can sign-up with one of the many cat registries that oversee shows.

Showing Your Household Cat

Showing your cat in the Household Pets category is a great way to get started in cat showing without it being too daunting. All of the cats entered in Household Pets are judged together - male, female, age color, type - all together. There is no set standard, they are judged on how cool they are! Really! The rules refer to it as judging for uniqueness, appearance, unusual markings, and how sweet they are. Plus, any happy, healthy cat is awarded a Merit award. 

For info on participating in cat shows through the Cat Fanciers Association visit here.

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